A Gift from Siberia

oleg coins

Last week I was very happy to discover a package in the mail containing a gift for the Coin Zoo: Five coins that tend to be hard to acquire in this part of the world. They were sent to me by Oleg from Siberia, by way of the Netherlands.

My correspondence with Oleg went back to the summer, during which he mentioned he would send a small gift for the Coin Zoo. So, it was a nice surprise to receive this package. Apparently it was lost in the Netherlands for a month, then found and mailed on.

This is a very nice little set of mammals. The list of Polish coins on my Need It list is quite long, so it was nice to scratch two off, especially such nice ones as the tarpan horse and badger. And, the Russian part of my Coin Zoo continues to grow with help from Russian friends like Oleg (and previously Maria). The Kazakh cat coin is quite awesome. Be sure to go look at the coin, because I have included a picture of a manul kitten.

Thanks Oleg!