A Gift From St. Petersburg

maria coins

This wonderful collection of coins was sent as a gift from friend and Coin Zoo patron Maria, from St. Petersburg!

This wonderful collection of 11 coins have all been added to the Coin Zoo for your viewing pleasure. Maria first contacted me over two years ago, and since then has been a great help to me by providing information on coins, discovering coins missing from my Wish List, helping me procure coins, and of course sending this wonderful gift. (Also, being a "penpal"!) Besides animal coins, Maria also collects flowers and plants.

There are some beauties in this lot, but my favourite is the Kazakh Snow Leopard (lower-right in the picture above). This one goes on my short-list for favourite cat coin! At first I did not really notice that the leopard is holding a flower in its teeth. I thought it was... I'm not sure what I thought it was, but it is indeed a flower with seven blooms. Nice.

Also of note are the two Moroccan coins, since these are the first coins from Morocco in the Coin Zoo. So, many thanks to Maria for these coins and for bringing a whole new country to my Coin Zoo!