Iceland 50-KRONUR (KM31)


The following is from the Icelandic Ministry of Fisheries:

Some species of crabs are found around Iceland, but no large scale crab fisheries have been conducted. Several attempts have been made to fish crabs, but have not proved to be economical. Only one large species is really abundant all around the country, the spider crab (Hyas araneus). This is also the species that has sustained the most catches. The spider crab is suitable for soup making, but the legs and claws are small so it does not yield much of the valuable crab meat. Spiny crabs (Lithodes maja) have also been fished in low amounts in deeper waters and Atlantic rock crab (Cancer irrotatus) in shallower waters. These give more meat than the spider crabs, but are rarer.

The obverse of this 2.5 mm thick coin features the mythological four Guardian Spirits of Iceland.

23 mm
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