Tibet 5-SHO (Y28.1)

Snow Lion

The Snow Lion (aka Snowlion) is a "celestial animal" and part of Shambhala Buddhism. It symbolizes fearlessness, unconditional cheerfulness, east, and the earth element. It is commonly pictured as white with a turquoise mane and tail (and other furry tufts).

The Snow Lion was featured on the coins, banknotes, stamps, and national flag of Tibet.

This particular coin was minted from 1947 to 1950. I understand that this may be the 1949 version, due to it having certain dots on the reverse, though I am not certain how this identification actually works.

The main identification of this 5-sho coin is the three mountain peaks, and two suns. There are many die varieties with variations in the number of sun rays, tail and leg hairs, and the yin-yang symbol below the lion's left paw.

29.2 mm
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