Coin Zoo upgraded

It has been almost two-and-a-half years since the last big upgrade (to Coin Zoo 3.0). This one is more like 3.5, though. That's because it looks pretty much the same on the front-end, but under the hood it is (mostly) different.

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A Gift From Arizona

arizona postcard

Back in early July, I received an email from Coin Zoo visitor Roger B. from Arizona, USA. Roger had noticed a Vatican City coin in the Zoo whose animal and theme I was unable to identify, and helpfully provided me the missing info (including reference links). Receiving missing information (and corrections) from Zoo visitors over the years has helped me continuously improve the Coin Zoo.

Well, after some emails back and forth, Roger contributed to the Zoo in a spectacular way by sending along 11 different coins (pictured above) from my Need It list. That's a great big wow!

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900 Coins from 150 Countries

900 coins

Two mythological creatures plus two "riding" animals make up the latest Coin Zoo acquisition, putting the collection count at 900 coins from 150 different countries.

From left to right are the first Greek Phoenix in the Coin Zoo collection, another Sudanese postman riding his camel, a rider upon a Libyan Horse, and a strange winged ox from the Vatican.

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Tibet Snow Lion Arrives at Coin Zoo

tibet 5-sho snow lion

The most recent arrival to Daniel's Coin Zoo is the mythological Tibetan Snow Lion. A few weeks earlier, I was not even aware of this coin (and its variations). It was brought to my attention by my friend Uri, who wondered if it deserved a place in the zoo. The answer was yes, of course, and the other day Uri's package arrived from Israel bearning my first snow lion.

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