Welcome to Coin Zoo 4.0

It's been five-and-half years since the last major update to Daniel's Coin Zoo, and this one is a biggie. Unlike the last upgrade in April 2015, this one involves a whole new look.

The old template was actually eight years old, and getting a little dated. Coin Zoo 4.0 features a YOOtheme Pro template with UIkit running under the hood. The Coin Zoo "application" was built with YOOtheme ZOO which saw a major update that integrates it directly into the Pro template. This setup allowed me to give the site the look and features I wanted without having to mess around directly with CSS (or PHP). Enough geek stuff.

There are still some little issues that I am working to resolve, but overall the site seems to be running smoothly. If you experience any problems, please feel free to contact me.