No more tracking

Today, I made several changes to Daniel's Coin Zoo, all related to privacy and the pervasive tracking of individuals on the internet.



I removed Google Adsense advertisements. This was an experiment that went on for way too long, although, I did manage to get $100 out of Google for my trouble. That was over two years ago, and in the intervening time I have only made it to $63 (you need to hit $100 before they'll give you the cash). In exchange for a mere pittance, Google gets to track all my visitors. Plus, ads cluttering up a hobby site. (I may investigate other less intrusive advertising methods in the future.)

I removed Google Analytics. I always had this in place, because it was fun to see who was visiting, what technology they were using, etc. etc. Oops. Why should I get to know that about my visitors? Worse, it is yet another massive tracking scheme used to follow you around the internet.

I removed all the "social" buttons and sharing links from blog articles. This is something I had done awhile back on the coin entries, but they remained on the articles. These social links gave companies like Facebook and Twitter free-reign to follow you here, and to your next stop on the web. Gone.

I decided it was time to do this after I visited Redmorph and visually saw just how much crap was going on in the background with my three personal websites. Also, it seems like the proverbial poo-poo is about to hit the world-wide-fan and I want to be in front of that. Or... behind it, I guess. I don't want to catch any spray.