More Coins From Oleg

oleg coins3

Upon returning from a 15 day roadtrip this summer, I was delighted to discover an envelope from the Netherlands containing eight beautiful coins from my Need It list.

But, I was a little confused at first, because the only thing in the package were the coins, and I couldn't think of who I knew in the Netherlands that would be sending me coins. Luckily, scratching my head in deep thought worked out, and I thought of Oleg in Novosibirsk, Russia. Oleg has sent me coins before, via his friend, and it is always a pleasure.

This time, he helped with my long Thailand list, and also cleared Cook Islands off the list by sending the elusive (to me) Collie dog. The Kiribati dolphin coin and two wonderful Sri Lankan coins rounded out the package. Very nice!

Thanks, Oleg!