This is the best way to discover new coins

maria coins 2017

If you were to take all the animal coins in the Coin Zoo and all the coins listed in my Need It list, they together represent all of the circulating animal coins (by type) issued in the world from 1901 onward. That I know of.

Thing is, the Need It list ends up getting new coins added almost as fast as they are removed. I discover new coins when I am pouring over coin catalogues, or combing through eBay auctions, or searching through actual coins at coin shows. Another way is when Coin Zoo visitors tell me about a missing coin and the best way that happens is represented by the two coins above: I discover them when I pick up my mail!

Both of these coins (along with some honey bee coins!) were sent to me by friend and Coin Zoo patron Maria from St. Petersburg. Maria is a fellow animal coin collector (who also collects flower & plant coins) and she has made a lot of contributions to the Coin Zoo including sending coins like these as well as pointing out missing coins and helping with coin information (both additions and corrections).

On the left above is Italy's 2-euro coin issued in 2005 to commemorate the European constitution. It features Zeus as the White Bull and is the fourth "Zeus as Bull" coin in the zoo. The coin on the right is a beautiful head-on elephant coin from Thailand, which can be hard to see when the image is too small, but comes out in full glory when magnified.

So, a great big thank you goes out to Maria for her interest and wonderful help!