Looking for Mapquest Maps?


Sorry, you will no longer find Mapquest maps at Daniel's Coin Zoo (but you can find them below the fold). During the last two weeks of June (2016), I removed all of the Mapquest maps that used to pop-up from the locator maps and replaced them with live Google Map links.

Not that there was anything wrong with the Mapquest maps. They are beautiful maps. However, they are static maps and I was never quite sure it was legal for me to have them on this site. (I didn't ask for permission.) Now, they are gone and in just a few short weeks I have accumulated hundreds of 404 errors -- over 1,400 in 18 days -- from people looking for those maps, mostly sent here by various Google sites from around the world.

Removing the maps cut out almost eight megabytes of images, and the live replacement maps offer so much more. Besides, all those 404 errors were leading directly to the image files themselves, NOT to this site, so it wasn't doing me any good (or HRW, the owner of the maps). And, while I was removing them, I also did some serious editing on most of the country blurbs (and cleaned up the HTML). The country entries are shorter, and less political. I tried to remove anything that could go out of date, and just leave interesting information. I shifted the focus away from being all about European conquest, which is a thing that happened but it is not necessarily relevant here.

Looking for those nice maps? You can find them here:

HRW World Atlas