This is why I love coin shows

coin show loot

This past weekend I attended a coin show in Toronto and pictured above is (most of) the loot I scored for my Coin Zoo. Isn't it beautiful?

Attending coin shows is easily the best way to add to a collection. In my case, living in Canada means the majority of the dealers specialize in Canadian coins, but there are always enough who have binders or boxes full of world coins. In this case, I spent a solid four hours pouring through the binders/boxes of half a dozen dealers, and came up with the haul you see above (plus a few other "upgrades").

New at the Zoo is Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the "dove of peace" coin. Now I just have to find the other one on my wish list, and that country is complete! Also of note is the arrival of the armadillo from Uruguay. This is the first armadillo in the Coin Zoo, and as far as I know will be the only one... unless someone else mints an armadillo coin in the future.

Some of the coins are close to mint condition (BU, or "brilliant uncirculated") and others have travelled far and wide in service in their home countries before making their way to me. Many were only a dollar or two, which is what makes type collecting world moderns so accessible to anyone (what ever "type collection" you decide on).

In the past I used to attend five to six shows each year, in Toronto and Hamilton. After a few years absence, I am excited once again about attending more.

Happy collecting!