Brazil 1000-CRUZEIROS (KM626)


This is a confusing coin. While the fish is clearly defined as an "Acara" the big question is what the heck is an "Acara"? Well, it's definitely a cichlid, but that family has scores of genuses and thousands of species. Six of the genuses end with "acara" (e.g. Andinoacara, first described in 2009.). But according to fishbase, the "true acaras" are in the genus Aequidens. Huh.

Meanwhile, the little fish on this coin bears a striking resemblance to Pterophyllum scalare, aka the "angelfish". Which is found in the Amazon basin. I suspect the use of "Acara" on the coin is colloquial and not scientific.

This coin was worth 1000-cruzerios in Brazil when it was issued in 1993. Before the end of the year, the fish will be history, and so will all the zeroes in the number.

- Thanks to Maria for identifying this one.

19.9 mm
Stainless Steel
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
1993 BRASIL 1000 cruzeiros
Reverse Legend

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