Iceland 10-AURAR (KM25)


Squid are a large and diverse group of cephalopods, with 298 species in 28 families. Like the cuttlefish, squids have eight arms, and two tentacles. In Iceland, squid were mainly used as bait to catch more palatable seafood. Because the fishery is so important to Iceland, it is no surprise that this important animal appears on one of their coins.

In more recent times, with the decline of fish stocks, somebody got the idea to serve the bait to unsuspecting people in restaurants. In English speaking countries, the name was dressed up as 'calamari' and now people all over the world enthusiastically eat squid as though it were actually worth eating.

The obverse of this coin features the Monster Bull of the Wide Fjord, one of the four mythological guardian spirits of Iceland.

17 mm
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Obverse Legend
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