Angola 20-ESCUDOS (KM80)

Elephant, Zebra

Angola adopted the Escudo (100 Centavos  = 1 Escudo) in 1958 and issued a series of eight coins up until independence in 1975, when the country switched to the Kwanza (100 Lwei = 1 Kwanza). All eight coins featured a crest with an elephant and zebra. In most cases, the crest on the reverse is quite small, making the animals nearly invisible. On this 20 escudo coin -- minted in 1971 and 1972 only -- the crest takes up a much larger area of the coin. That, along with the large size of the coin, makes the two beasts large enough to see, so here it is in the Coin Zoo.

After independence, the crest was replaced, and the elephant and zebra both vanished.

30 mm
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend
ANGOLA 20$00

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