Macedonia 1-DENAR (KM2)


The Sarplaninec [shar-pla-NEE-netz] (aka Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog) is a medium-sized dog breed from the Balkans. The Sar is well known in the Balkans and has long been an important guardian of livestock. The dog is described as calm and aloof with outsiders, but when a threat presents itself the dog erupts into swift ferocity.

Sars were used as military dogs by Tito, and are still used by the armies of Serbia and Montenegro. Apparently the Sar can win a fight with a wolf and even a bear. Their use is spreading through North America as a serious and extremely effective guardian of livestock.

It was pointed out to me by Macedonian-born Martin that the name "Sarplaninac" (which I previously identified this dog as, based on the Wikipedia entry) is actually the Serbian name, and that "Sarplaninec" is the Macedonian name.

23.8 mm
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