Guernsey locationThe Bailiwick of Guernsey is an island (and several smaller isles) in the English Channel about 30 km from the coast of France. The total area is less than 200 with a population of 66,000 (2012).

The islands are dotted with prehistoric megalithic tombs (dolmens) and stone monoliths (menhirs) which suggests that neolithic farmers lived here thousands of years ago. Militant monks from Normandy built here before the Norman conquest of 1066, and since that invasion Guernsey has belonged to Britain (except for a 5 year German occupation during WWII).

In Guernsey, Queen Elizabeth II is not known as the Head of State, but rather as the Duke of Normandy. British acts of parliament do not apply to Guernsey, unless the parliament specifically names the island.

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