Laos 10-KIP (KM61)

Non-circulating coin

Water Buffalo

This very large coin commemorates the FAO's World Food Summit, held in Rome, Italy in 1996. When I originally noticed this coin, I checked Numista -- my go-to coin database -- to see if it was a circulating coin. Numista indicated it was. When the coin arrived in my mail box, and I saw the shear size of it, I was skeptical that it was an actual circulating piece, and upon re-checking Numista I saw that it was now marked as "Non-circulating issue." Oh well. It is here now, and it is an interesting coin.

This coin features a Water Buffalo pulling a plow. This domesticated Water buffalo is not to be confused with the Wild water buffalo, which is a very dangerous animal. They are different species, and the wild ones would never let you put a bell around their neck and hitch them to a plow.

37.9 mm
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend
WORLD FOOD SUMMIT 1996 Rome 13-17 November

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