Malawi 2-TAMBALA (KM34)


Malawi is home to the Eastern Paradise-Whydah (aka the Long-Tailed Paradise-Whydah), and the Broad-tailed Paradise-Whydah. Either could be pictured on this coin, and the design is probably representative of both species.

A type of Finch, they are quite small (~ 13 cm). However, during the mating season the males triple their length by growing a long tail.

There are several versions of this coin with different obverses and metals, but the same paradise-whydah reverse. The original bronze coin (KM8.1, in the Coin Zoo) was minted from 1971 to 1974. There is a KM8.2 version (1975-1982) that has an accent above the W in Malawi. A copper-clad steel version was minted from 1984 to 1994 (KM8.2a, magnetic). In 1995 only, a new version was minted with a changed bust (KM25), and also in 1995 only a bronze version with the coat of arms on the obverse was minted (this coin). Finally, this coin was minted in copper-clad steel in 2003 (KM34a).

Thanks to Oleg for gifting this coin to the Coin Zoo!

20.2 mm
Copper-clad steel
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend
1995 2 TAMBALA

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