Malawi 1-TAMBALA (KM33)


The reverse of the Malawi 1-Tambala coin was changed from a rooster to a Tilapia fish in 1995 when the Malawi Congress Party was given the boot after 30 years of rule. Reason being, the rooster was the symbol of the MCP.

Lake Malawi is the eighth largest lake in the world, and home to over 500 known species of Cichlid fishes. One of the two major groups of cichlids are the Tilapia, of which there are many species. They are like a blank canvas for chefs and important in aquaculture.

This coin was first issued in copper-clad steel (KM24), then later replaced with this bronze version minted one year only. According to Krause, it is 0.1 mm larger.

17.3 mm
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend
1 TAMBALA 1995

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