Botswana 2-PULA (KM25a)


The Black Rhinoceros is a critically endangered animal. Large, solitary, and grumpy, rhinos are always favourites at zoos. The Black Rhino and White Rhino are both grey, and are named for the shape of their upper lip. The White Rhino has a wide square-shaped lip and Dutch settlers called it "wijde rhino" (wijde is Dutch for wide, of course). English settlers confused this for white, and the 'other' rhino naturally became 'black.'

The original 7-sided Rhino 2-pula was issued in 1994 (KM25), and this 2005 issue is on a different metal but it also shrunk in size by a couple millimeters. The size change makes it a whole new coin, yet the Krause catalogue number simply adds the "a" to the previous number. My understanding is that means the same coin with a metal change. But not in this case.

24.5 mm
Brass-clad steel
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
Reverse Legend

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