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World Coins Quick Collection: BI-METALLIC

Germany 1-EURO (KM213)

Bundesadler (Eagle)

Germany 2-EURO (KM214)

Bundesadler (Eagle)

Greece 1-EURO (KM187)

Athenian Owl

Greece 1-EURO (KM214)

Athenian Owl

Greece 2-EURO (KM188)

Zeus as a Bull

Japan 500-YEN (Y149)

Crested Ibis

Japan 500-YEN (Y163)

Fukuiraptor, Fukuisaurus

Japan 500-YEN (Y177)

Biwa catfish, Crucian carp

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New coins courtesy of Maria

maria coins5

Friend and Coin Zoo patron Maria has sent along another envelope from St. Petersburg with the half dozen excellent coins shown above.

New coins courtesy of Marilynn

marilynn coins2

Here is a lovely set of new coins courtesy of Marilynn of the Madison Wisconsin Coin Club.

4 New Coins From Maria

maria coins4

Received these delightful coins in the mail from friend and Coin Zoo patron Maria!

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