Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)
Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)

Peru 1-SOL (KM-new) White-winged guan

Peru switched from the Sol to the Inti in 1985, then in another round of monetary reform they switched to the Nuevo Sol in 1991. In 2015 the "Nuevo" was dropped, and the currency was once again the Sol.

This circulating commemorative coin is from the "Endangered Fauna of Peru" series and features the White-winged guan which is a turkey-like bird that is good to eat. That is one of the reasons it is critically endangered with the other main reason being habitat loss.

Thank you to Maria for finding and sending this coin to me and helping keep the Coin Zoo up to date!


  • Diameter: 25.5 mm
  • Composition: Copper-Nickel-Zinc

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

Penelope albipennis PAVA ALIBLANCA 1 SOL

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