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Peru (orthographic projection)Peru was home to the Norte Chico civilization -- one of the oldest in the world -- and to the Inca Empire. The land varies from arid plains on the Pacific coast, to the Andes mountains, and the tropical forests of the Amazon Basin.

Peru is a multi-ethnic country, formed by the combination of different groups over five centuries.

Today, tourism is the third-largest industry in the country with tourists visiting for the archaeological monuments, ecotourism in the Amazon, and cultural tourism in the colonial cities.

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Peru 1-SOL (KM403)

Spectacled Bear

Peru 1-SOL (KM404)

American Crocodile

Peru 1-SOL (KM405)

Andean Condor

Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)

Mountain Tapir

Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)

White-winged guan

Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)

Darwin's rhea

Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)

Yellow-tailed woolly monkey

Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)

Andean mountain cat

Peru 1-SOL (KM-new)

Titicaca Water Frog

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