Fiji 10-CENTS (KM333)
Fiji 10-CENTS (KM333)

Fiji 10-CENTS (KM333) Fiji monkey-faced bat

The small mammal hanging upside down on this coin is the Fijian monkey-faced bat (aka the Fiji flying fox). It's scientific name is Mirimiri acrodonta and it is the smallest of three fruit bats found in Fiji. Although, at 18 cm from nose to butt, it ain't that small. Also, it has red eyes.

The reverse features a common type of Fijian war club (Ula).


  • Diameter: 21.4 mm
  • Composition: Nickel-clad Steel
  • CAT#: KM333

Obverse Legend

FIJI Beka mirimiri

Reverse Legend

I ula tavatava 10 cents

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