Canada 5-CENTS 150th (KM-new)
Canada 5-CENTS 150th (KM-new)

Canada 5-CENTS 150th (KM-new) Beaver

For Canada's 150th anniversary, the Mint issued a new set of five circulating coins collectively called "My Canada, My Inspiration." The designs were all submitted by Canadians, and voted on before the final selection was made by the Mint.

The 5-cent coin -- called "Living Traditions" -- is by far the best of the bunch, and is reminiscent of the beautiful designs for the centennial coins 50 years earlier. In fact, its designer -- Gerald Gloade of Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia -- was inspired by the famous Alex Colville designs and is proud to have his work appear on this sesquicentennial coin. Mr. Gloade fuses the traditional and modern with the beautiful beaver that reflects his northeastern woodland Algonkian heritage.

The beaver has been a regular on the Canadian 5-cent coin since 1937, only taking a break a handful of years (one of them being the centennial coin when we were treated to Colville's hare).


  • Diameter: 21.2 mm
  • Composition: Nickel-clad steel

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

CANADA 1867-2017 5 CENTS

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