Canada 25-CENTS (KM52)
Canada 25-CENTS (KM52)

Canada 25-CENTS (KM52) Caribou

The Caribou -- also known as a Reindeer outside of North America -- is a arctic and sub-arctic dwelling deer. Canada has three main subspecies of caribou: The 'Peary Caribou' lives in the Arctic islands; the 'Barren-ground Caribou' is the most numerous and lives throughout most of northern Canada; and 'Grant's Caribou' lives in north-western Canada.

The Caribou first appeared on the Canadian quarter in 1937 (KM35), and remains to this day. The original design by Emanuel Hahn included the Big Dipper constellation, but only three of the stars made it onto the coin.

Silver versions of this coin (same caribou design, with different obverses) are KM35 (George VI), KM44 (George VI with changed legend), KM52 (this example), KM62 (QEII second portrait), and KM62a (1968, silver downgraded to 0.5000).


  • Diameter: 23.8 mm
  • Composition: 0.800 Silver
  • CAT#: KM52

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

CANADA 25 cents

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