Canada 2-DOLLARS (KM836)
Canada 2-DOLLARS (KM836)

Canada 2-DOLLARS (KM836) Polar Bear

Canada's 2-dollar coin first appeared in 1996. Unlike the introduction of the 1-dollar coin, nobody seemed to mind that the 2-dollar bill was going away. Canadians immediately nicknamed it the "twoonie", proving that a meaningful name is not an absolute necessity.

In 2006, Canada issued this coin to celebrate 10 years of itself. Although this particular issue was only found in proof sets, I am including it in the zoo anyway, because a lot of these sets were torn open by the kids who received them, and spent at the local store.

On this coin, it seems to me the polar bear is looking at the warming earth (it's supposed to be the northern lights) and wondering how long it can survive with no arctic sea ice.


  • Diameter: 28 mm
  • Composition: Aluminum-Bronze in Nickel ring
  • CAT#: KM836

Obverse Legend

Elizabeth II 1996-2006 D.G. Regina

Reverse Legend


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