New Zealand 6-PENCE (KM2)
New Zealand 6-PENCE (KM2)

New Zealand 6-PENCE (KM2) Huia bird

The now extinct Huia bird was a beautiful bird featuring black plumage with a green metallic sheen and orange wattles. The Huia was highly prized by the Maori people and people of high rank wore its precious feathers. They also kept the birds as pets.

Three factors led to the Huia's extinction around 1920: Deforestation, introduction of non-native mammals, and over hunting. When the Duke and Duchess of York (future King George V and Queen Mary) visited New Zealand in 1901, a Maori guide took a Huia feather from her hair and placed it in the Duke's hatband as a sign of respect. This resulted in many people in England and New Zealand wanting to also have a Huia feather in their hat, which helped hasten the birds extinction.


  • Diameter: 19.3 mm
  • Composition: 0.5000 Silver
  • CAT#: KM2

Obverse Legend


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