Mexico 2-PESOS (KM461)

Northern Caracara

This Mexican gold coin was first introduced in 1919 with 1.67 million minted, followed by another 4.2 million in 1920. A few thousand were minted in 1944, followed by 140,000 coins in 1945. This coin may be one of those, or perhaps not. 

Interestingly, from 1951 to 1972 the Mexican government re-minted the coin using the same dies. That is, the approximately 4.6 million coins minted in that 21 year period all bear the date 1945. I have no idea if there is a way to distinguish an original from a re-strike.

Did the original 1945 coins actually circulate? Probably not much. However, it is easy to imagine these coins circulating among the more wealthy inhabitants of Mexico, especially considering that each one contains 1/20 troy ounce of fairly pure gold. Also, gold was illegal to own in the United States at this time, so again it is easy to imagine these coins "helping" with the passage of some into the states.

12.9 mm
0.900 Gold
Catalogue #
Obverse Legend
Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Reverse Legend
1945 Dos Pesos

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