Timor-Leste 10-CENTAVOS (KM3)
Timor-Leste 10-CENTAVOS (KM3)

Timor-Leste 10-CENTAVOS (KM3) Rooster

Roosters have cultural importance in East Timor.

Throughout East Timor even very young boys keep roosters. The kings of the back yard, they herald a new day, make a nice meal or could be a prize fighter. Hand fed corn and regularly groomed, they're encouraged to fight other roosters as training for big bouts. When Timorese lived as tribes in forests, they were gifts from the Mother Earth and Father Star, the first star seen at night. The rooster started the day with its crowing, the buffalo held the tools needed for the day, the dog would show the way through the forest. Once the rooster crowed again, signifying the end of the working day, the dog would lead the way back to the campsite. If the rooster didn't crow in the morning, it was believed danger lay ahead, and the family would stay home.


Thanks to Oleg for gifting this coin to the Coin Zoo!


  • Diameter: 20.8 mm
  • Composition: Nickel-clad steel
  • CAT#: KM3

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend

10 centavos

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