Gambia 3-PENCE (KM2)
Gambia 3-PENCE (KM2)

Gambia 3-PENCE (KM2) Double-spurred Francolin

The Double-spurred Francolin is a member of the pheasant family found only in tropical west Africa. If you unknowingly come up on one, it will try to sneak away quietly. But if it thinks it has been spotted it will explode into flight (and make you jump in fright).

This is one of The Gambia's original coins, and was minted in 1966 only. After the country switched to decimal currency in 1971, the bird showed up on the larger 10-bututs coins.


  • Diameter: 21.4 mm
  • Composition: Nickel-Brass
  • CAT#: KM2

Obverse Legend


Reverse Legend


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